Our Christmas and New Year


Happy New Year to you all! 2017 is here! And we must be one of the few houses that still has our tree and lights up, but the kids only head back to school tomorrow so we’ve been enjoying the glow for a little longer.

We have all had a lovely few weeks break off work and school, enjoyed lots of time at home (in our pjs), played with the toys and games that Santa delivered, took a trip to the cinema and had a few walks in our local forest park which is one of our favourite ways to spend a family afternoon.


The main aim of the Christmas holidays this year was for all of us to recharge and to try and get Lucia back up to full power before going back to school. (If you check out my last post you’ll see just how tired she has been and susceptible to illness since starting school). We were gutted though when she woke up on Christmas morning dosed with a cold and cough that has taken most of the holidays to shake, including being up most of Christmas night. But she is over the worst of it, has been eating better than she has in months and her energy levels have definitely picked up too.

This Christmas I have also felt a bit more chilled out (believe it or not) when it came to Lucia’s compression. By that I mean I have handled a few days of her not wearing her garments. Shock horror!

Always learning

Over the last few months when Lucia has been ill we have learned that she can cope with a days break from her compression. One day when she was feeling particularly bad we just thought it would be cruel to go through the daily routine of struggling to get her into her garments, especially when she was feeling so rotten. So we didn’t. But believe me when I say, that this was a decision I particularly wrestled with and fretted about in case something really bad happened – in my head I had fluid zooming into her legs and feet at high speed and ballooning out of control. Completely irrational and of course, in real life that’s not going to happen…and it didn’t. So we learned that she can cope with a 24 hour break with no detrimental effect.


Therefore, during these Christmas holidays we have relaxed and allowed her a few days of freedom – with a little compromise. On the first of our pj days Lucia really didn’t want to get her tights on and wanted to just stay in her pyjamas like Max. Usually we put her tights on and pjs over the top, but on this day she didn’t want to.

So we came to an agreement that if she wasn’t going to wear her tights she had to wear her toe glove all day. (Or toe caps to give them their official name.) We have had a toe glove for a few months now and it does an amazing job at reducing the fluid in her right foot and toes. She is mostly happy to wear this and it means that I feel a little bit happier about her not wearing her full garments and Lucia gets to have a ‘day off’ which she loves.


It has taken almost three years to get to this ‘relaxed’ point though which just shows how much there is to learn about managing this condition, the trial and error involved, sussing out what works for your child and what doesn’t and now learning to compromise with Lucia so she can begin to feel in control of her own condition. But most importantly in all of this we still need to ensure that we are continuing to do everything we possibly can to manage her Lymphoedema everyday, as this is the key to maintaining it. I feel like we are continuing to build up more confidence in what we are doing and working on getting that balance just right for us – and most importantly, for Lucia.

Bring on 2017!



  1. Clare says

    Bless you all, and Happy New Year. May 2017 be just wonderful. Thanks for your updates – you and Lucia are doing great! Xo

  2. Heather Todd says

    I read this to Isla she had loads of questions. Why does Lucia have lymphoedma, why does she have compression tights. Why does Lucia have a glove for her foot, why don’t I have one of these. Lucia’s toes look better than mine
    Lots of questions and actually coming from Isla meansils I don’t need to

  3. Heather Todd says

    Oops went too soon.
    ..convince her to try something. Lucia’s toes look fabulous, so next step for us will be to contact our clinic to measure up for toe caps

    A break through with Isla in 2017 I can’t believe it .

    Hope the holidays helped recharge all your batteries. I we think back to work today 😔

    • says

      Aw Heather, this made me totally emotional! Good girl Isla! She’s such a brilliant and well clued in little lady. She’ll be helping you make sure she’s got everything she needs now! The toe glove is fab…Lucia’s one is by Juzo. Just to let you know though that her wee foot in that pic with no glove is her left foot which has minimal swelling in comparison to her right, so tell Isla not be worrying…it’s Lucia’s right foot and leg that is primarily affected so she only wears the glove on her right foot (as in the photo) but it does amazing things. I have before and after pix of her right foot which I’ll email you tomorrow. It brings down a good bit of the swelling on the top of her foot that is so hard to shift and it’s the only thing that has made any difference to her toes ever. Turns out under all that fluid she has my long toes ☺. I’m just delighted to have been of a wee bit of help to your wonderful girl xxx

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