A slightly different tone of post for me but when it comes to Lymphoedema there can be moments of sheer frustration and a lot of the time things are not very straightforward - so I thought I'd do a wee bit on that. (I have used the fish tank photo on this post for a nice calming effect!). For a start we still don't know how or why … Read More


Holiday happiness

Last weekend we returned from a fantastic family holiday to France and it was a wonderfully chilled out few weeks where we spent time enjoying the sun, the pool, the … Read More


Summer fun in the sun

We have been having the most gorgeous weather here over the last few days and it has been wonderful to enjoy a bit of sunshine and see the blue skies! In fact, the … Read More


A big day

I have been meaning to write this post for a couple of weeks but as usual life sometimes has other ideas. We have had a month of crazy tonsillitis sickness that … Read More