The ups, the downs and the constant learning

The Easter holidays are almost over and school and work is once again on the horizon - and I think we are all dreading it! Having real time off together with no routines to stick to, nowhere to be at certain time and the luxury of lying about the house all day in our pyjamas if we want to is pure bliss. The last few months have … Read More


A belated happy birthday Lucia!

A very happy 5th birthday to our gorgeous little lady - and I'm sorry this post is exactly one week late! I always put up a happy birthday post for Lucia, but this … Read More

Playing in the rain! The most fun a four year old can have!

From then until now…

I was doing a bit of reminiscing the other day and flicking through old photos of Max and Lucia when they were little babies – and mostly feeling complete disbelief … Read More


Our Christmas and New Year

Happy New Year to you all! 2017 is here! And we must be one of the few houses that still has our tree and lights up, but the kids only head back to school tomorrow … Read More